Mobile Acoustic Partitions

Our mobile acoustic partitions are the best solution for the physical and acoustic partitioning of multipurpose surfaces and multipurpose rooms.

- Compartmentalization of spaces

- Acoustic isolation

- Adaptation to any decoration

- Mobility · Easy handling

The partitions are made up of independent modules that slide along an upper aluminum rail attached to the slab or resistant structure. They do not need for their lower rail displacement.

Depending on the desired partitioning, the mobile partition can be monodirectional or bidirectional, with one or more "parking spaces" for the modules. Doors can be incorporated into the modules to allow access from one side to the other of the partition without the need to disassemble it. It opens and closes very easily with a key to anchor the module and stamp it to the ceiling and floor for greater soundproofing from one space to the other.

They are ideal for conference centers, schools or universities, training rooms, hotels, ...