Paint, coatings and decorative finishes

Aiming to create a certain atmosphere and integrate the different elements of space, EXPERT LINE is responsible for painting and decorative finishes, getting a better finish of walls and ceilings constructed.

It also offers the possibility of using all types of coatings, from textiles, vinyl or wood, to large format or small forms.

A very functional and aesthetic choice are the roles and decorative coating wall textiles (silk, cotton, linen) and vinyl, textile liner or "Tedlar". These coatings are remarkable for their decorative properties and high resistance to shock and dirt.

The fabric covering is a sensitive material, not cleanable, semi washable. More over suitable for areas where decoration is the main objective, such as hotels, boardrooms or corporate, executive offices, etc.

Most vinyl siding with ink stains of, graffiti and rubber shoes in addition to a strong impact are repairable and washable. Vinyl siding is ideal for of places high traffic such as banks, clinics, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, universities, offices, nursing homes and hotels.

For EXPERT LINE each project is unique and different from the rest, so it is important to print to each space with the client’s personality. That's why there is also the ability to customize the digital printing project into the desired image).  EXPERT LINE, through the design team conducts decoration study, they all come together and out together all ranges of the product marketed in the service of an idea to make it a reality.