Study of optimization and distribution of interior spaces

EXPERT LINE, has a methodology that incorporates into his  planning and optimization studies of spaces (offices, libraries, homes, etc.).

The EXPERT LINE team of designers and technicians works with the interior design to improve spaces, the budget, the expectations and most importantly: the customer. The variety of work styles and ways of working of the client are studied.

From the considerations and interviews with the client and its organization, Expert Line plans and designs jointly a variety of proposals, with special attention to mobility, communication and interaction of people and departments, tools and technological support, etc. These proposals can be viewed through projections and 3D views to make the best decision.

The proposals and studies of EXPERT LINE aim to achieve, from its design, the versatility of space to fill, quality of materials, adaptation to new technologies and the added values of "silent design" and "eco-design", with the aim of ensuring the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, in order to attract talent, generate competitiveness and provide welfare in the workplace.

For the interior design of spaces, EXPERT LINE takes into account the needs of space and 4 working modes:

  • Collaboration: teamworking with other people face to face or at a distance using new technologies
  • Concentration: individual work that requires concentration and privacy.
  • Learning: sharing information and experiences and learning from peers.
  • Socialization: informally approached exchange of information with small groups of people.