Electrical installations, climate, telecommunications, firefighting, security

Expert Line carries out with its own electricians and lampistas any type of installation within the scope of the building. We are capable of designing and executing all the facilities required by an industry, offices, public equipment, ... We recommend the best solutions in compliance with technical requirements and current regulations.

- Electricity: We carry out any type of Low Voltage or Medium Voltage electrical installation. Whether they are single-phase or three-phase installations.

- Plumbing: We work with all kinds of materials; polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.

- Heating: We offer a variety to propose the one that best suits the space: Radiant floor, Conventional for radiators, Bitubo, Mono-tube, Blue Energy.

- Air Conditioning: We install the latest advances in VRV air conditioning systems.

- Telecommunications: We carry out all kinds of installations for public address, telephone, television, private intercom,. etc

- Firefighting: We make all kinds of facilities for arresting and extinguishing fires. Network for BIEs, Network for sprinkers, Dry column network. Firefighting groups. All kinds of accumulation or regulation systems for firefighting installations. Fire extinguisher installations. We place all kinds of signs.

- Security systems and closed circuit television: We carry out all kinds of installations for CCTV and security systems.

- Compressed air

- Home automation