EXPERT LINE has a long experience in designing and equipping all types of educational centers from colleges, universities, private schools, language schools, playgrounds, etc. with an ensured environment in classrooms that promotes learning.

In addition, EXPERT LINE has all the furniture and accessories necessary to equip all units of the school; classrooms, toilets, utility room, dining room, playroom, meeting and for teachers, common areas and recreation areas.

EXPERT LINE offers school furniture that in its design-safety ensures the welfare of children and tranquility of those who educate in schools and centers for children. Likewise, the equipment of those schools is designed so ergonomically that allows the student and teacher stay focused and sitting comfortably for long periods of time. Additionally, the durability and resistance are essential elements for anti-vandalism. Last but not least, to promote that the school environment is as pleasant as possible for children and adolescents, EXPERT LINE offers a wide range of colors and materials that allow adapting the school furniture of your choice until the desired image for your school or educational institution, whether kindergarten, university, corporate training classrooms, etc., promoting a space for teaching.

Examples of works in the sector would include UNIVERSITY VIC, the LANGUAGE SCHOOL EICA in Girona, etc.