Administrative and Service Offices

EXPERT LINE specializes in the planning, design and furnishing of workspaces. Also has an extensive experience in both small and medium multinational companies, allowing us to offer advice from the approach of project to the final delivery of the work. EXPERT LINE presents, among other references, more than 150,000 workstations installed with an active portfolio of more than 2,500 customers.

EXPERT LINE works with the objective of optimizing spaces of administrative offices and services through confronting the challenges of the workspace:

  • Furnishing is the most costly expense for most companies, followed by payroll costs. That is why EXPERT LINE planes distribution space optimizing shape, providing a range of spaces and furniture that serves multiple functions that contribute to the space needs of companies worldwide.
  • Physical and long distance collaboration between departments, employees and stakeholders is the way to achieve efficiency and innovation, always relying on properly integrated technology into the right furniture that takes into account people, space and information.
  • Attracting, retaining and promoting talent is key now that rapid innovation and creativity is a requirement to stay in the market. Therefore, EXPERT LINE strives to create a workspace that encourages the performance and welfare of workers, to ensure high levels of motivation and retention of employees.
  • Building brand and corporate culture, the workspace can be used to communicate brand values to the internal and external audiences and engage workers to be identified with the same.

Examples of works in the sector can be NUTREXPA, a maker of food products and ANGEL BLANCH, confectionaries, etc.