Compact Mobile Closets

EXPERT LINE sells and installs mobile compact cabinets for file and storage, with a modern design and different types of drive (manual, electric, etc.). Study and design projects for files and deposits as well as its implementation.

Rolling files are designed to optimize the storage and space management. The implementation of the "mobile" concept in this file system provides the ability to create spaces where necessary, with the simple movement of one or more cars, thanks to modular metal shelving system that makes it a practical and very mobile library, useful for tool storage. Smoothness in the movement of the carriages guarantees minimal effort, through intelligent transmission systems able to move weights up to 40,000 kg.

The only requirement is to have an access corridor, leading to the possibility of almost double the capacity of storage space than with "static" storage only. Furthermore, protection and conservation of cart content is ensured by the ability to lock the file system with a block lock on the steering wheel and rear placement of funds (single cart) or sliding doors (double cart) to the last car, isolating contents from moisture and dust—giving optimum conservation of stored materials.