Linoleum Flooring and PVC

EXPERT LINE represents the leading manufacturers of linoleum and PVC in Europe.

The linoleum is a completely organic product, made of 100% raw, natural and generable materials, to produce design floorings, great comfort and long lasting resistance, with easy maintenance and cleaning. Application areas can be offices, housing, shops, health facilities (nursing homes, hospitals, laboratories, etc.), education centers (schools, kindergartens, etc.), cultural centers, (libraries, museums) or sport and leisure centers, etc.

The PVC is a high performance material; conceived and designed for internal traffic areas, such as hospitals, supermarkets, residential seniors, restaurants or wet environments (operating rooms, locker rooms, etc.). It is an extremely durable pavement requiring minimal care throughout its use. This product may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

Your installation may be continuous or with self-supporting tiles.